• Talk to a Pharmacist

    The best way to solve medication related problems.

    Medication Consultation

    What is medication consultation?

    Medication consultation is a personalized service provided by a clinical pharmacist, to review your medications with you, discuss the reasons you are taking those medications, potential side effects, and drug interactions to help ensure safe and effective treatment.

    Medication consultation is especially important if you are taking large numbers of medications to treat chronic illnesses.

    Why Talk to a Pharmacist?

    We are taking more medications than ever, with many of us seeing multiple prescribes, each prescribing different medications.


    Doctors spend an average of 49 seconds discussing medications and medication related issues during a typical doctor visit.


    When visiting the pharmacy for our medication, we are usually advised about the medications we buy, but no one is looking at all the medications we take, including prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, and how they may interact with each other, with our medical conditions, with food, alcohol, tobacco and even Cannabis.

    Clinical Pharmacists know best.

    Medications are the pharmacist's expertise.

    If you feel that something is not OK and you are taking medications on regular basis, a clinical pharmacist is the best healthcare professional to diagnose if your symptoms are related to the medications you take. It is what they are trained for.

    If the pharmacists finds a medication related problem, they can recommend on a change that can solve the problem.

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