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How to avoid medication related problems during the covid-19 outbreak?

We are all following the news about the coronavirus pandemic and the covid-19 disease it causes.

Some aspects of this pandemic is that many people stay at home for a long period of time at the order of the authorities. People also avoid going to clinics and pharmacies, again, by request of healthcare providers and pharmacies.

One population that uses the pharmacy in high frequency to get medications is also the population that is at risk for Covid-19: The Elderly.

CheckMyMeds is a website that let’s you check the safety of your medications and consult with a clinical pharmacist over the phone to solve any medication related problem.

The site asks you to enter your medications, medical conditions and symptoms, and returns a report that shows any drug – drug interaction, drug – disease interaction, and side effects found.

Many community pharmacists can check for drug interactions over the counter, and doctors should ask patients about other medications they take before prescribing a new drug. Now with the outbreak of Covid-19, many people are told not to go to clinics and avoid crowded places, so we all turn to Telemedicine to consult with a doctor, and use pharmacy delivery to avoid crowded areas. Elderly people who are usually treated with multiple medications lack access to healthcare professionals to look over their medication combination and make sure it is safe.

CheckMyMeds offers a simple online tool to check for the safety of your medications, and a follow up conversation with a clinical pharmacist that can help solve any drug related problem:

  • Change / remove medications
  • Dosing Adjustment
  • Food avoidance and time to take each medicine.
  • Alternative treatment
  • Side effects avoidance
  • Any other questions you have about your medications.

Another issue we are facing now is shortage in prescription and over the counter drugs. This happened as a result of the U.S being depended on drugs manufactured in China who stopped or slowed down manufacturing since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak in December 2019, and also as many people bought all stocks of over the counter drugs, especially flu related medications.

CheckMyMeds pharmacists can recommend alternatives if your medication is out of stock and can also assist in looking for cheaper alternatives, such that can help many of us during these harsh economic times.

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