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Consult with a clinical pharmacist on Corona virus issues.

how to prepare for drug shortages due to the coronavirus.

The US relies heavily on medications produce abroad and as the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, the FDA warns that drug shortages may be on the way.

Hospitals, doctors and our entire health system was already near capacity, even before the spread of the virus.

Consult with a pharmacist today from the comfort of your home, to address any issues that may arise with your medications. A pharmacist consultation can help optimize your medications without putting more strain on the current health care systems or increasing the risk of spreading the virus further.

Our pharmacists stay up to date on the latest clinical updates, consult with us to learn more about the risks of a possible drug shortage and our tips on how to prepare for it. The COVID-19 pandemic can cause challenges and our pharmacists can advise you on the following:

- Alternative methods to find your medication if your pharmacy runs out

- Potential risks from missing medications

- Medication substitutions if your medication is unavailable everywhere

Consult with one of our clinical pharmacist now at

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