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  • Is my medication combination safe?

    If you take any medications, including over the counter products there is a chance that your medications may interact with each other, with food, or with a medical condition you have.

    Check Your Meds online and talk to our clinical pharmacist who will help solve medication problems and avoid side effects.

    What are drug interactions?

    Prescription and over the counter medications may interact with not only other medications , but with diseases, supplements, food and even cannabis.
    Our drug interactions report displays all currently known interactions and is based on clinical drug databases.

  • Could my medications be causing my symptoms?

    “Prescribing cascade” is the situation when the side effects of drugs are mistaken for the symptoms of another problem, resulting in further medications and further side effects. This leads to unanticipated medication interactions, which itself may lead to further misdiagnoses and further symptoms. These situations may be resolved where our clinical pharmacists evaluate your medications, your symptoms, and look for areas to potentially simplify your medication regimen.

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  • Anita S.

    I started taking anti-depressants a few months back. When I used the interaction checker I found out they interact with some of my pain killers. The pharmacist recommended on changing dosage for some of my medications, she emailed my doctor, and problem solved!

    Susie E.

    I thought my stomachache and lack of appetite were some kind of sickness, or age related. It turned out my medications were causing it. I can't thank you guys enough. My life is better now.

    Chris O.

    My Mom is taking a medication for her Thyroid disorder. One day she had a constant decline in her health. With CheckMyMeds I discovered that her medication had a severe reaction with Soy. Mom loves Sushi, and the clinical pharmacist gave us guidelines to what foods to avoid, what foods are good and when is the best time to eat them. Mom is doing great now. Thank you guys!

    Mark S.

    I was experiencing some unusual muscle cramping in my legs. The pharmacist I consulted with told me that it could be because the medication I started a few months ago could be interacting with my cholesterol medication. My doctor adjusted my medications according to the pharmacist’s recommendations. It’s been a few weeks now and my muscle pain is gone. I’m so glad I took the time out to speak to one of the pharmacists. I had no idea that my medication could be causing this!

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